Bau Truong

  • Leverage Bau Truong’s popularity as a chain of Sydney’s best Vietnamese restaurants and launch an online presence
  • Design a website that is easily updateable and tells the Bau Truong story; the website must also seamlessly transition the user between the three different restaurant ambiances

The Bamboo Garden took the time to sit down with the client to really understand what differentiates Bau Truong from the Sydney dining scene. We interviewed the client and wrote all the website copy, we search engine optimised the website; scanned, sourced and organised past media mentions; and designed an intuitive user-experience.

  • A simple and clean website that uses WordPress as a content management system, enabling the client to update content pages themselves
  • Client access to Facebook insights and Google analytics means they can monitor their own online activity and spot trends (what people are searching for to land on their website), etc
  • An integrated online presence that interconnects the website with each restaurant’s Google+ Local page and Facebook page