Charlotte Lim

Brand Identity Process

We’ve recently had the delight of developing a brand identity for nutritionist and naturopath, Charlotte Lim.

Charlotte’s brief was to develop a brand that was personable, inspirational, passionate and knowledgeable. She wanted to convey that eating well is simple and fun, even in our busy modern lifestyle.

Our initial design concepts started off fresh and fun and evolved into a greener, leafier design.

We’ve chosen to use a clean and simple sans-serif font as the main header typeface to add a subtle decorative touch. The subtext is a little more structured to convey a sense of professionalism and define what the brand exactly does. The clear lines also ensure the logo is completely legible even when small. Furthermore, we’ve selected a two-tone colour palette that is inspiring and fun to give it an overall lift.

About Charlotte

Charlotte Lim is a naturopath and nutritionist and lives by the mantra “prevention is better than cure” through nutritious food and a healthy lifestyle. She loves to cook (as well as create delicious raw food dishes) and is passionate about organic food.

Charlotte’s goal is to educate and inspire people to live and eat well. She loves to support her patients through their individual health goals so they achieve optimum health. Charlotte has a special interest in women’s health and detoxification and is available for consultations at:

Taste 4 Health Wellness Centre
20 Bettina Court
Greenacre NSW 2190
Phone: 0425 256 867